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Caring for your skin with Aloha.....

Here are some of the comments from our patients:

'Exceptional service and treatment. Thank you.'

'Thank you so much Dr. Wong!  This visit with you was so priceless to my skin health--I will be forever grateful.  I will also forward highest recommendations to my students and clients that visit.'

'Honestly, one of the best doctor's experiences I've ever had.  Billing and insurance is never easy with doctors but I appreciated office being clear and forthcoming and instructing me on how to work with (my insurance) rather than having to fend for myself.'

'Forms on the website were extremely helpful.  AWESOME!'

(Q: Did the doctor clearly explain your condition, your medications and any treatments?) 'Yes!! Very clear and helpful.  I feel good that I got a check-up.'

'Highly recommend-  Fantastic-  I was telling Mike (front desk) that he is wonderful, just don't experience and find this customer service in this city.  Thank you.'

'Mike (front desk) was very nice to me on the phone and never rushed me.  I was very excited.  I was impressed right when I walked in and met Dr. Wong.  I love this place!  I'm telling everyone about you guys!  Thank you!'

'An irritated, cracked and painful skin condition and a suspicious black spot on my hands prompted me to request help from my physician.  He referred me to Dr. Winona Wong.  I'm so-o-o glad I went to her.  She was very knowledgeable about how I could improve my skin problem.  The prescriptions helped a lot too.  In just a week, my skin looked and felt much better.  Dr. Wong also took the time to explain how I could care for my skin to minimize the recurrence of my problem.  Then she noticed discoloration on my lips which could lead to future problems.  She took photographs so we could monitor the condition . (Very observant).  I felt so comfortable with Dr. Wong because she was so caring and attentive.  It felt like I had known her for a long time.  Michael the office manager was also very friendly, courteous and helpful.  I highly recommend Dr. Wong to others and hope everyone can benefit from her care and expertise.'