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Aloha Dermatology Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Aloha Dermatology for my medical skin care?
If you value reasonable appointment availability, convenient location, easy parking, personal quality medical care in a family-style modern medical office, you will see the value of our service here at Aloha Dermatology, Honolulu, Hawaii.


Do you accept Medicare part B?
Yes we do.  

Do you accept any other insurance?
We are now accepting HMSA PPO (and non-HMO Blue Cross plans) and HMSA's Medicare plan.  You will be required to provide a credit card for our files and authorization to charge your 'patient responsible' portion of services once it is determined by your insurance. (example: copay, deductibles and general excise tax).

We don't participate with any other insurance plans, but we can still see you.  If you have other private insurance you will pay for your care the day of your visit, and we will send the necessary claim form for you to receive reimbursement from your insurer for covered costs.  Most insurers that allow 'out-of-network' provider services will reimburse 60-70% of the allowable charges for the visit, less any copay and deductible. You should check with your insurance before the visit to be familiar with their policies for out-of-network care. HMOs will not reimburse you for our services.

How much is a usual visit?
An initial office visit ranges between $90-$160. (prices are subject to change)  Estimated costs for procedures is separate and will be discussed before any procedure is done.  Patients without insurance will receive an additional cash-only discount.

What about cosmetic visits?
A cosmetic visit is a separate service from any medical visit.  If you have cosmetic questions and want to know about our other services a separate cosmetic consultation visit ($50) with Dr. Wong can be scheduled.  This $50 fee will be applied to most of our major cosmetic procedures if you choose to have them done.



Do you treat children?
Yes, we see children of all ages in the company of a parent or guardian, and we are conveniently located near many schools.

Can my child be seen without a parent present?
Dr. Wong may agree to see minors 16 years or older without a parent or guardian for routine follow up of some common skin conditions.  A parent or legal guardian must always accompany a minor to the first visit and sign all registration forms. (Adult siblings without guardian status are not acceptable.)  New skin problems, full skin exams (for suspicious moles) and biopsies require the presence of the parent or guardian.  All financial policies still apply, and payment will be due at time of service.  A credit card number and authorization can be kept on file by us for payment of services.


Call for an appointment: 941-3376